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About Us

DBD Design Build Develop is a proudly owned and operated architecture & construction company dedicated to delivering bespoke architectural custom homes. DBD was founded by our Director Shivin Bhatia with the aim to bring a unique approach to the building industry. DBD has built a reputation in the high-end sector of custom homes and luxury property developments in Perth. We are a fully integrated design & construct company with in-house Architects, Draftsperson, Estimators, Schedulers, Supervisors and Project Managers.


We have built our reputation for excellence in design & construct services through our uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship, quality trades, innovation, and passion for the industry. We're focused on taking Perth's residential sector to newer heights by delivering game-changing housing and commercial fit-outs underpinned by visionary design and construction excellence. Our client's wants, needs, and desires are at the core of our service delivery approach. Whether you engage us for Design Services only or a Full Service comprising of Design & Construct services, we will always tailor our service personalized to your project and ensure that every detail has been considered and every aspect of the project has been carefully designed and delivered. 

DBD has our own in-house design team comprising of registered architects, interior designers, and leading pre-start managers. Should you commission DBD to undertake your project, our in-house team will work with you to design a home suited to your specific lifestyle requirements. Our integrated design and construction service allows you to have your project managed by us from start to finish, avoiding the usual hassles associated with engaging a separate architect and builder.


Our full-service development offering encompasses both residential and multi-residential projects. Our development team, led by Shivin Bhatia, aim to secure some of the best development sites in Perth, both for our clients and for our own development projects. Our comprehensive development services include but are not limited to land acquisition, design, value management, statutory approvals and project management.

As one of Perth’s most reputable builders, DBD has been responsible for delivering some of Perth’s most recognizable and award-winning custom homes. Our experienced construction team, led by builder and founder, Shivin, have an uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship and have proven pedigree in executing high-end luxury construction. Our client’s trust us to execute their visions on a daily basis, and we have demonstrated experience working with the best architects and building designers in Perth.

With over 40 years of design & construction experience, we have set sail to make a difference. Open to innovation, sustainability, and efficient building methods we build our homes with passion & love for the industry. Our decision-making process is carefully thought through as we design practically, pragmatically, thoughtfully, site-specifically & most importantly within your budget. 

"A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured." - Louis Khan

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