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When you're passionate about your profession and proud of your work, it shows in what you do.

Let's hear what people have to say about us ..

Heena Sehgal

Mckenzie way Renovation & Development, WA


DBD is a meticulous team, they’ve been extremely dedicated to the projects undertaken and their Client centred approach made the entire experience very warm. They were constantly in touch regarding the project specifics and kept me informed every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone that’s looking for an amazing creative experience while still getting the job done within a timeframe. Look forward to working with them again xx


Jim Carter

Kallaroo Project, WA


I cannot thank Shivin enough for his work. We were after a champagne job on a beer budget and he treated our small renovation with the same level of care as his more high-end ventures while advising us on budget options to achieve some of the results we wanted. He visited regularly and listened to every idea we had which were all incorporated. I look forward to using Shivin for many more jobs and eventually for our dream home


Samir Merzaie

Ongoing Design Services - Challenge Real Estate


I am extremely pleased with the project results as well as the process. I greatly appreciate the planning and forethought that took place before the project began. It made everything flow smoothly.


Radin Farahmand

Property Developer


Being new to developing properties I made a lot of mistakes. These mistakes could not have allowed me to make a profit. But when I met Shivin from DBD he provided me with many options on how to ad value to my property to dig myself out of the mess and turn a profit. I’m very lucky I met DBD at the time I did. I highly recommend DBD for any property services. They are fast, knowledgeable and highly experienced


Drazan Bagaric

Morley Development


I have dealt with many people in my lifetime but shivin you are something else. You have been there for us from start to finish with a positive attitude and world-class professionalism. we can not thank you enough. We will recommend you to all our family and friends. Thanks again shivin


Patrick Steck

Beckenham Development


Great to deal with a young, innovative company.


Agnus & Steve

Sydney Developers


DBD have delivered extraordinary high-quality architectural designs for our projects. They were disciplined, thoughtful, and insightful. They offered creative solutions and ensured accountability to deadlines and milestones. As they demonstrated their excellence, they were rewarded with more responsibilities and new projects. We will continue to use them on our upcoming design projects and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for creative architectural designers.

Aldo Cataldi

Had an amazing experience with DBD , I worked with Shivin on renovating my apartment.
Most companies turned me away and said the renovation would take over 6 months and not really be possible because of not having a lift or parking on site for trades.
Shivin at DBD worked around this and organised the full renovation with ease.
DBD managed to organise the renovation on time and within budget.
Highly recommended!

Parm Saini

Throughout the duration of the project from design to actual construction, the team at DBD have conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism and extended every courtesy possible to me and my family with flexibility throughout the process The team at DBD made their recommendations with our best interests at heart. Their sincere interest in wanting to help us achieve our dream home was readily apparent throughout the construction process. A special mention to Shivin & Atul for helping bring my beautiful home to life.


Vanessa Barry 

Fantastic to work with. So knowledgeable and goes above what's required. Wouldn't recommend a better team!

George Necakovski

Where to begin !? Well first of all I would like to say that I have worked for the DBD team, and my experience was more like a welcoming/family type of atmosphere. Where all parties of the company will do there absolute best to benefit, satisfy, and meet to the clients needs and goals. For the price you certainly can’t go wrong especially once you see the unique and unimaginative designs of the architectural sides, to the punctuality and deadlines met on time! Being a tradesman on the job my biggest appreciation was how I was treated with the up most respect and positive attitude from the DBD family :) So remember if you want invest, renovate, build, or develop please don’t hesitate to contact DBD. It’s where you will find the best designs/quality for the right costs

Jason White

I’ve been a sub contractor for DBD for well over a year now and what I’ve experience is a very professional builder that takes pride in there jobs which results in a high standard of build. My personal selling point as a tradesmen is that invoices are paid on time every time, which is rare with a lot of builders these day. Highly recommend building or working for DBD.

Lucilla Taverniti

The story so far...

There it was. Like a beacon in the desert. DBD sign got my attention. One enquiry on the website and immediate response from Shivin to meet the grand old lady needing TLC ( and no not my mother). Understood exactly what was required and within days reno started on the 40yr old for the 80yr old. From day one ( two weeks ago) it has been exciting to watch Shivin and his team work their magic. All fears that come with dealing in renovating an old property went out the window. Professional and generous with his time Shivin has been amazing. His guidance and wisdom in doing the right things is phenomenal. We're half way there so when the grand old lady is ready to shine again i will post end results
To be continued.....

As the saying goes - Rome wasn't built in one day.
Oh but it was so worth the wait!
After a few unforseen delays including bad stormy weather the grand old lady is shining again. What a beautiful renovation Shivin and his team have done. I couldn't have asked for more and the house has been transformed like I never thought possible. The bathroom is stunning and the rest of the house is spick-and-span!
The exterior painting has truly made the biggest difference - people walking past actually stop and comment on how gorgeous it looks!
I'm so grateful and appreciative of all the extra time and effort that went into making sure works carried out were of the highest standard by an amazing and dedicated team. An absolute pleasure to have had Shivin take care of this project so close to my heart. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would turn out the way it did.
Mr Bhatia i hope you're ready for the next future build the dream home :-)

Taverniti Mohammad Amani

I was referred by a friend, i had my initial drawing done by some other Company the draft man ruined the whole project, im glad i find DBD and involved them, They asked my requirements and Help me out,the house is to its finishing, Shivin the director has been very helpful and he is qualified he knows what he is doing, The quote i was given was reasonable and to me its a win,
im Extremely satisfied with their service,
Highly Recommend them

More testimonials coming soon for current projects they are complete.

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