DBD was founded as a company by Gabriel Amzucu (Left) and Shivin Bhatia (Right). Gabriel and Shivin have a combined experience of over 8 years in Building Design, Drafting, Project Management, Build Management and Contract Administration experience. This collaboration of their skills, talents, experiences and beliefs has been extremely beneficial to the organic growth of the company.


Gabriel and Shivin both have a very strong commitment to Energy Efficient Building Design and Solar Passive Design. They believe in designing buildings which function exceptionally well through Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring and more importantly contribute to the environment by feeding energy & resources back to the grid. Whilst some projects may vary in size, scale and geographic conditions, this thorough understanding of architectural building science has been the key driver in all their projects.


Our directors are extremely committed to deliver value-enhancing building designs, drafting services, build management and other services along the way from inception to completion, with the underlying aim to provide a professional level of service and support. They strive to design bespoke design solutions which are specific and tailored to your site requirements, budget.


As time goes on we are excited to see the impact our company makes to the built environment. 

"A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured." - Louis Khan



Masters in Architecture

Dip. Building Design & Drafting


Masters in Architecture

Gabriel is an internationally practicing Building Designer with a passion for pushing the boundaries of design.


Gabriel started his career working in renowned Architectural studios internationally during his first year of University and quickly found his strengths in Drawing, Design and Visualization.


With a client-focused approach, Gabriel is extremely passionate about Architecture and 3 Dimensional Visualization. Gabriel enjoys nothing more than identifying the hidden potential of sites by offering innovative Design solutions that are bespoke and unique to that site.

Shivin is an award-winning designer with a passion for Sustainable and Solar Passive Design.


His Father, a developer, brought him on site and introduced him to the construction process at a young age. This sparked Shivin’s interest in building science and construction.


He initially learned the art of Building Design & Drafting at T.A.F.E and followed on to study his Masters in Architecture at the Curtin University of Technology in Bentley where he was awarded the west Australian prestigious award E.G. Cohen Medal for Best Graduate Architect by Gresley Abas Architects.


“Designing buildings for our Environment” is Shivin’s philosophy, and he loves the challenge of creating designs that exceed client expectations and minimize environmental impact on site.